“How we gonna paaaay last year’s rent?”

I love “RENT” and can’t believe it’s been as long as it has since I’ve seen the movie or listened to any of the songs, so Isabella and I are watching it now.

I can’t believe I forgot, and I can’t can’t imagine just how one forgets, but I designated years ago that I do indeed have a favorite song despite the fact that I tend to not favor things. That song, meine Freunde, is….

Alex and I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this past Tuesday because we decided to wait until a day that he isn’t bombarded with work. I actually have no idea what we’re doing because I made Alex in charge of planning a romantic date all on his own. Although I don’t entirely like being out of the loop with it, I am very excited about what’ll happen just because I’ve never had the opportunity to experience such a surprise and am usually the one who suggests and executes most things – making me feel like I should be “wearing the pants”. We’ll see what goes down…


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