Moving has proved to be quite a pain!

But we are happy to be in a house with a huge damn yard (of weeds, however) instead of an apartment. The weather here is awesome, and I think we’ve been outside our home here in two weeks – even if just in the yard – more than at our old place of almost  3 years. Well, that’s probably exaggerating ^_^

We still haven’t finished unpacking, and we don’t have dressers or bookshelves, so our clothes are folded neatly in our closet & our books are neatly stacked – or were neatly stacked (thanks, Isa) – in a corner in our living room.

We’ve painted all but two rooms that we wanted to paint (with the help of Alex’s dad, who stayed with us for about a week to help us out). I’ll posted updated photos once everything is organized, but I won’t wait until the living room is done because it’s huge and will require Isabella to be completely out of the way.

I am starting to organize Adrian’s room because it feels like he’s not going to be patient and wait, but who knows? Hopefully, he will wait a bit longer, i.e. April 27th. As long as he is full-term, however, I will feel comfortable. Three more weeks for that! Still, he’s getting very heavy, and I am just feeling so weak and gross because of it.


Ooh! We went to the Palafox Market today and bought some Amish cinnamon buns (AMAZING!) and some homemade, all-natural soap that just smells incredible and has left me feeling super frickin’ clean. Haha. It feels fantastic! Soap usually dries out my skin, so this is great. It makes me want to be Vegan again. We’ll see about it…

That’s all for now. I feel very unfocused, and I’m getting tired. Bis spaeter, alligator!

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