“Well, I guess this is growing up.”

A little bit of yesterday but ultimately today, I overcame an obstacle: I watched porn with my husband. Of course, I was nervous & still feel a little nervous, but for me to have as much as talked of the subject and go to a website with Alex is such a big step for me. For us. And my husband is so f*cking hot! Grrr!!

Also, I have started working out using the Brazil Butt Lift that Alex bought for me, and I love it. All the leg work sucks, but it’s worth it. Although I am still looking to lose over 30 pounds, I feel….sexy, which is not at all anything I say often or ever about myself. Not even to myself. My husband makes me feel sexy. Again….GRRR!! That man. Hot damn! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on ““Well, I guess this is growing up.”

  1. i did P90X Yoga with my husband yesterday and I feel good. I am trying to lose 68 pounds total (Which is about 13 pounds per kid so not too bad) I can’t say I feel sexy but i don’t totally feel like a fat weakling.

    • I love that video! My little girl would copy me, especially during Downward Dog. Good luck!!! Feeling sexy is all up to you, I have learned. I have always had terrible self esteem. My husband has been the greatest motivated (and “trainer”) and “compliment man”. Haha. My weight has fluctuated a lot, but now that I’ve got proper exercising and dieting down and have gotten down (healthily) to a pleasing weight, I know where I want to be and how amazing it feels to be there. πŸ™‚

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