I posted this on Facebook, but here it is again…

Caution: Writer is currently flustered & not giving a damn about proper grammar. 
At first I was going to write about how I know there’s still racism and ignorance but really? Teach that to your kids? Then I remembered that I already knew there are parents who pass that shit on to their children. Today’s sub-topic: Racism, Hate (& the like).
Alex & I were in line at the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster during a horrible time, the time when teens are loose without their parents & being as stupid as they possibly can without TRYING to embarrass themselves but doing it anyway. Anyway, we were trapped between two groups fitting that description, one (in front of us, a group of two white American girls) being initially more annoying than the other. First of all, and this is unrelated, but I had to snap at that annoying little girl for eyeballin’ my husband. She was not expecting that. Now, to continue: while at Disney World, there were several groups of Brazilian youths as well as a couple from other South American countries. Unsurprisingly, there was one group of a dozen or so Brazilian teens in the line with us. They were singing some sort of victory song, which we were hearing for the second time while at Disney World, and it was quite enjoyable, in my opinion. The louder girl – because there’s always a louder one who yearns for attention more often and openly – started complaining about them being loud and finally said “Go back to your f*cking country.” Blah, blah, blah. Fists are clenched, annoyance level rises still. Then, the group of older black American kids behind us start basically sharing the same opinion openly. And then the two groups start agreeing and telling them to quiet down. The park was near closing. Ten minutes to be exact. Who really gives a shit at this point? Then the first girl asks aloud how to say “Shut up!” in “Brazilian” and I wish I’d have corrected her & said “They speak Portuguese, you dumb, annoying f*ck”, but I chose to ignore it & tried to return to enjoying my evening with my darling husband. Between you, me & the bedpost: I’d rather be surrounded by a group of joyful folks celebrating in a language I can’t understand than be with a group of hateful motherf*ckers who DO speak my language. Eventually, we lost the group by slowing down in line & thought we were safe. But we were wrong. Behind us was a new, pesky bunch. At least one of the group was. The father, an obese white American man, tells his children this, and I kid you not…

“Well, if there’s one lesson we’ve learned on this trip it’s people that don’t speak English aren’t nice, ever.”
I didn’t hear it firsthand, but when Alex told me, and I about lost it. But the first thing that popped in my head was my mom, and I just couldn’t believe that someone in this day & age still believes and agrees and TEACHES THAT HATEFUL SHIT TO THEIR CHILDREN!!! Man, the things I wanted to do to show my frustration!!! I realized the best thing I could do is think of my family & my children and how Alex & I are so blessed to know that we will never pass that crap on to them & that they will never be that ignorant and hateful. Ugh….Man! I just… I just can’t believe it.
**A note from Alex: By the way, kids: obesity is the #1 problem in the U.S., not the fact that it is indeed a “Melting Pot”, and there will inevitably be various cultures living here and languages spoken here.

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