She’s dolled up in her diamond rings, twistin’ the night away!!

I love having family visit and visiting family, except for the part where we stop working out. We were doing freakin’ awesome with keeping track doing the Insanity program, even when Alex’s parents arrived until the weekend we went to Disney World. UGGGH!! It was all worth it, though, with the heat and all the walking. Just not the delicious snacks we occasionally devoured.

Alex’s birthday “cake”


It wasn’t until after we returned home that we had absolutely no working out & starting feeling like we were doing horribly. But to make matters better, we went back to our old rule that states that we cannot have anything but water after 7pm. We both start working out again today – Alex in the morning & me in the afternoon again – so I weighed myself and since we re-established said rule, I have lost almost 5 pounds without working out besides last night’s practice. Other than practices, I’ll be alternating Brazil Butt Lift with P90x’s Lean program & after all that: Insanity.

Speaking of last night’s practice: I haven’t skated in almost 2 weeks; therefore, I have been missing some things, such as the fact that we now have a coach, who is making us work out. So, being the one person who didn’t get that memo, I failed to bring my sneakers; however, that was no problem because I could still work out with them. The only downside, though, was we did core work. That’s not entirely the easiest thing to do with skates on and that added weight when your coach is having you keep your legs up the whole time. I’m continuing to get stronger, and I will not have to worry so much about that after a while and will just kick ass and be more awesome. Haha! 😉

And on to just talking about derby in itself and little more on last night: I have been “training” for roller derby these last few weeks (days here and there to equal probably 5 or 6 days). I love being able to actually see my progress with speed and stops and just learning to skate on quads, to be trained, to be praised by team mates (and now by our new coach….person). I do get pushed and praised by my husband, and I adore him for that but to receive it from others, too – that’s a whole new feeling. Though, I will add that I don’t like being singled out like yesterday when, including myself, there were only five girls at practice – and I am still one of the newer members, the freshest meat, the rookie.

My skates on the day I got them!!

Here’s what they look like now after a little wear from stops.

Minus tools & sneakers, my bag’s contents 🙂

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