Sneezing brings pain to my healing abs…

Tomorrow my family (minus older sister & the pups) arrives! Tonight, no derby practice. We went grocery shopping at Ever’man’s and didn’t come home until a little after 6. So, instead of feeling rushed and being late and pushing back another day of working out, I decided to just stay home and work out. Soooo, I have already changed out my wheels to my outdoor ones so that I can practice out there, plus there’s another skating rink about 15 minutes from home where I can practice as well. BUT I think I’ll stick to outdoors. Anyway, after my work out and after we get the kids to bed, I am looking forward to some hookah with my husband. *sigh* Haha! I know, working out and smoking, but we don’t smoke hookah that often. And here is our adorable little hookah…

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