“You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal when you say it’s over.”

Remember that Sean Kingston song? Ah….makes me feel like I have aged so quickly within the past three years.

Now, what was I going to write about before I got distracted by a million other little things within these past couple of hours? Hmm…

Oh, yeah! I wanted to write about how cute Alex is when he properly uses the Tagalog terms that I grew up with and use around the house with Isabella & Adrian. I just admire the fact that he is making an effort to learn my mother’s language, which I am trying to incorporate in my children’s lives as well as my own. I don’t know exactly how to put it, but I appreciate it. It just…it feels great.

Also, I recently purchased a set of Pimsleur discs to learn conversational Tagalog because, well, it’s my mom’s first language, and it’s about time I learned it. Even if I don’t learn it from the ABC’s & actual grammatical stance, at least I am making an attempt to be able to let my mom know that her culture isn’t just there but is being learned by at least one of her daughters as well as her grandchildren and, inadvertently, her son-in-law. I want to surprise her, though, and kind of just start up a conversation with her in Tagalog by the time her birthday rolls around on the 4th of November. My older sister and I have attended free Tagalog classes while at ODU, but that didn’t work too well. So, here goes attempt 2, coming your way soon!



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