Merry Christmas, bitches!

It’s no secret. I have an undying love for the movie “RENT”. It took me a few viewings before I could get through the whole thing because my brain is like “Woop!” (your visual here is me quickly sliding my hand across the top of my head showing you that I have a short attention span/am slightly a ditz.) But, yes! This film is incredible, and I hope that some day I can see it performed live. Well, there are so many productions that I’d like to see live, but motion pictures are satisfying enough for now.

Back to “RENT”. I first saw this movie when I was staying with Chelsea back in ’07 when I spontaneously made a 45-minute trip into half an hour while extremely tired with two people I just met just so that I could break up with the assh*le slob I was dating at the time. Good times. Good times. No more of that insanity, though. I’ve got kids. Can’t be too crazy anymore. Anyway, that movie…it will always remind me of my girl, Chelsea, and starting to more responsibly become independent and breaking free of the metaphorical shackles and cage that were long ago placed by my then-a’hole dad.

But again…the movie itself is just amazing. The story. The music. The acting. I’m no critic and don’t really like going into reviewing things like songs and movies, so I’ll leave you with that. If you have never seen the movie (or the on-stage production, which I bet is possibly even more spectacular), I need you to. Because it’s great. That’s simply my reason.

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