To our friends from Virginia…


We miss the shit out of you guys!! (Sorry for that, but even that is an understatement.) Over here…eh…we’re meeting people; however, it often appears to us that no one will ever hold a candle to the friendships that we had up in Virginia. As much as we disliked Virginia, we have confirmed with ourselves that what made it so tolerable all that time was you guys and my family. And basically everything we knew, like the Funnybone and Nazef and Busch Gardens.

We’ve been to a few get-togethers with various singles and couples with or without kids, yet it seems we are the only ones who prioritize our family over socializing and drinking. As a matter of fact, we sometimes end up watching these other people’s kids while they talk, talk, talk and we get to further isolate ourselves, well, with the exception of the kids. Woo! You guys, kids or not, always helped and looked out for ours and us for yours. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these people. I mean, prioritizing family isn’t outdated, is it?

Anyway, bottom line is we miss you guys so much and wish that we could still be able to hang out with you all an do WHATEVER because even when we’re doing “nothing” with a few people (as in you guys) it is still so much more fun and fulfilling than going to a crowded get-together with our peers here.

I know there’s more I wanted to say, but it is very late & my brain decided to stop functioning properly for the day already.

I hope, at least, we can still keep in touch. Thank goodness for Facebook! 🙂

Our family


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