HOLY F*CKING COW!! I’ve never had a morning start off so badly. Or maybe I have; nonetheless, I cannot remember that particular morning because today seems to f’ing top that and every other horrible morning so sweetly.

First off, I am a very light sleeper. So, when Isabella woke in the middle of night, I went to attend to her. (Side note: I normally would nudge Alex to get her, but I was sleeping by the door last night and also I wanted to let him sleep because he planned on working out early this morning. I brought her to our bed to get to fall back to sleep faster, which worked, of course. That was effortless, so yay. I got back to sleep easily, don’t know for how long, before Alex’s alarm went off at 4am. To avoid having to wake again before 7am, I had Alex bring Adrian to the bed. I fed him with his bottle, for I had hookah and C4/M5 yesterday and hadn’t pumped enough before deeming it safe for him to eat, and he was doing alright. He burped but still searched for food, so I fed him again. Alex left for work, I burped Adrian while laying down and having him on my stomach…and then he spat up on me. I cleaned it up as best as I could without causing too much of a commotion. Despite my efforts, Isa woke up, and she was very upset for some reason. She started to say she was hungry and that she wanted her milk. I tried to calm her down, quietly, just as Adrian spat up on me again. Feeling disgusting as sh*t, I had to change my shirt. Both kids were wide awake. Then, I broke down, so frustrated, and started to cry. That made Isa cry. Both of us wanting Alex, who was already at the gym and working out by the time. And Adrian was just laying there, happy as a clown and too adorable. So, I got my tired ass out of bed and took a pillow and blanket to the living room to at least just lay down. Isa asked for Pocoyo, so I avoided getting more flustered and put on Pocoyo, and I decide to take Luna outside to use the bath. Remember, it’s still only 5am. I take Luna out, and out of nowhere she starts to bark incessantly. Not only was she getting on my nerves by not listening, but Isa wanted to come outside, despite me telling her she could not (What was I thinking, telling a 2-year old what to do? What fantasy world was I thinking I was in?), so she started to cry. (Oh, yes. I had Adrian on a blanket in the living room the whole time. The entire time, and still now, he was in a great mood. Now that he’s pooped twice, which also explains his constant wiggling and sleep-resisting.) I had a happy baby, a whining toddler, and a barking dog on my hands. All by 5:30am. After Luna went to the bathroom and finally came back inside, I gave Isa cereal to eat because she said she was hungry. Lies!! I hate when she does that. “I’m hungry, but I’m not gonna eat. Here, let me waste this food you gave me.” @$#%!@!!!! Then, I put out Luna’s food and drink, which she devoured. Isa ate but straightaway wanted to ligo, so I made her a bath and got her in. Things started to calm down, FINALLY, so I started typing all this sh*t. I got all lost in this tremendously bad morning that I really don’t remember much after that besides, at some point, Luna found it necessary to poop in the hall; therefore, she went into time out. Actually, she fell asleep, so I’m left her alone. Luckily, it came up cleanly, and I sprayed it down in time.

That was about almost 3 hours ago. The best f*cking first three hours of my day. And here we are now, watching “Rio” and trying to keep things calm, but now Adrian wants to whine. Yaaaay.

It’s just infuriating that I planned on a great day, being patient and just…just making the most of everything and relaxing with some soothing music and light incense. And this is what I get. I’m working on it still. So far, it seems to be a chore. I’m not ready to deal with chores yet today. At least, Alex will be home after his watch ends at 2pm. *lefuckingsigh*

Let’s lighten things up a little.

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