Oops! Off track a little.

The day I got off track was the day we drove to Alabama to drop off Luna back to her mama. She was too much to handle, and I’m only sad that we had to realize the hard way that we weren’t ready for a dog. And definitely not a dog as young and hyper as her and one that we had to really train. Alas, when the kids are older and we have more time and attention to better distribute, we shall adopt another dog. That’ll be a bit down the road, but I can wait. I want my Toots, though.

My “Tutu” girl! ❤

I’m not exactly counting myself as being “off track”, however. Instead, I am not taking a rest day until the days have bumped back into place. It was, fortunately, only one day that I missed. Plus, I’m feeling great so far, and that’s a big step for me.


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