“Would you like to come home to this?”

(or something like that) was the question when I saw this photo:

My answer? No. Sure, it looks romantic, but it looks like a ghost, possibly with a grudge, trying to “romantically” set you aflame. Also, that “bed”, if that’s what it is, looks very uncomfortable and boxy. The end.

 There is a limit…

I saw a photo this morning that said “If a size 2 is beautiful, then my size 22 must be glorious!”. Haha! I get it, and yes it’s cute, BUT things like this make it seem like they’re not even trying to be healthy or trying to get out of the “obesity” range. Do you not care about your health and only want to continue to ass-backwards fight against the whole “scrawny is sexy” argument? True, eating disorders aren’t beautiful. I never felt beautiful. I never felt satisfied. I never felt skinny enough, and even when my family & closest friends told me I was losing too much weight, I didn’t care. I wanted to lose and lose and lose weight. At my lowest point in obesity, I was a size 20. In my lowest point in my false friendship with Bulimia, I was a size 4. Both times, I was extremely unhappy. There was no end in sight – until I met Alex & he helped me and continues to help me through my struggles. Truth be told, being healthy feels great! Losing weight the right way is the most satisfying feeling in the world, even if you are naturally a bigger build I guarantee you will feel 100% better. So, to all you young ladies complaining about your excess weight and trying to settle with “Well, big is beautiful and that’s good enough for me”, not saying I disagree with “Big is beautiful” but there is also a common sensical limit (and that really works better when you’re voluptuous – not big-breasted and small everywhere else but REALLY voluptuous – though beauty is an opinion). Don’t be ignorant about it. Be healthy. It’s all-around better than just settling. Just saying…my opinion.

And I don’t mean to see beyond the point, but it’s “then” not “than”.


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