The Gym Memes…are hilarious!

Man! I am going to start blogging more, especially now that I’m officially starting to train & have been making some amazing (to me) progress. But, seriously, first, and foremost, SINCE WHEN DID I HAVE TO F’ING DOWNLOAD WORDPRESS ON THE COMPUTER?! Dumb!!! (Well, I’m also not MacBook-savvy anyway, so that’s already what interrupted my intended return.) Maybe I’m just missing the regular options.

Anyway, before I started getting more intense about lifting, I partook in a couple overlapping weight loss challenges. Both were 12 weeks long and only missed each other by a week. The first one was at the gym & was made for people who are, basically, gym n00bs (like me!) and who’d made resolutions to lose weight. The second was the “Weight Loss Challenge” & was headed by my sister-in-law in Minnesota. I think there were 30 folks participating in that one. In both challenges, it was disappointing seeing people drop like flies out of the program, but that worked best for me, especially the second one, which included a monetary prize that I’m 99.9999….% sure I won. So….$5 each from the 30 participants, including myself, means a fair chunk of change for my family’s next road trip to VA or MN, depending on when I get it. Yes, I’m extremely cocky about this, but I’m also extremely dedicated – as much as my family time will allow me. So far, it’s been going along quite swimmingly. The results, in 13 weeks? About a pound a week only (versus everyone’s (2-5 lost in 12 weeks), but I also did have a week to two of break because of some weird virus my family contracted. Okay….enough bragging. I’m not normally so braggy. I’m just really excited about “making some money” for my family.

Speaking of family, I need to return my attention to my babies, one of which just turned 3!!! And the other who is turning 1 on Thursday!!!!!! Happy birthday, my darlings!!


Wallpaper I made for my two little ones (Isa, just turned 3; Adrian, turning 1)



The classic bicep flex to display my little bit of progress 🙂


Self-shot taken a couple weeks ago to see the progress my mind won’t believe exists.


Lookin’ snazzy post-gym.

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