Even when I know I’m doing so awesomely & making all this progress, I still manage to have these “fat” days where I feel like I’m back where I started and have not gotten anywhere. It’s….unreal, this feeling & absolutely annoying because I could bedeviling so amazing in the morning but one little thing will trigger & I am this negative person who thinks “What’s the point?”. The difference between the “Me” then and now is that now I don’t give in to that voice. I keep on working hard, I keep on eating right. No more quitting or trying to starve myself. I know there’s been progress, despite the fact that I need reminders & part of the reason I’ve been taking more self-photos, and so I know not to be discourage and stop what I’m doing so well. Someday I’ll figure it out. I’m hoping to defeat it. That is one of my main goals.


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