04/30: Legs & Back

04/30: Legs & Back

After a day’s of rest from being extremely sore from Chest & Shoulders, I came back strong and completed my leg and back work for the day. Unlike my back, my legs are not as sore as I had expected them to be, but I know I worked hard and put a lot of effort into my workout yesterday as well as changed things up a bit. Today, I have half an hour of intense, non-stop abdominal work with Michelle which is a zone I’ve been sporadically working on; biceps and triceps. I hate that the PRTs are going on right now that the free weight area (as well as some of the machines) are 3x more occupied than usual, making it more crowded and making me feel less comfortable. Nonetheless, I still kicked some ass yesterday. It feels good feeling confident and tough and feeling like that’s the vibe you’re giving off.


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