All these frickin’ “Tips From Former Smokers” commercials, man…

I can’t eat when they come on. *wretching*

Today was an absolute success!! I actually did Chest & Triceps today and was extremely pleased to not have to lower the weight of the dumbbells/barbell I was lifting even after my hiatus. My eating was also amazingly on track! I felt like I was eating less but didn’t get hungry at all. Nothing but satisfaction today. Vielen Dank!

In other news, I finally made an appointment to get advised in the (drumroll, please) Health, Leisure & Exercise Science Department. I am so fucking excited about studying Exercise Science. After much thought and reevaluating as to where I want to go in life, I have decided that that’s where I want to be.

I need to get back to my husband now, though. The kids are asleep, and we aren’t tired!! Must…take…advantage…of…this.


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