Well, well, well…

This last week has really sucked. Everything on our trip was going so well with us being able to work out daily, but the day that we left….*slaps head*. I don’t know why I thought having certain sugary snacks was a great idea. I guess it was because I was doing so damn well. Well, we got back & got back to my routine but then missed a day. And then another. Then worked out. And missed another…. And so on and so forth. A horrible pattern that lead to my feeling of disgust and shame now. Nonetheless, today is a new day and the day I am determined to get back on my program and push myself even harder. Today, though, I think I’ll start with Yoga. My entire body is just so freakin’ sore from Leg Day a couple days ago and puking quite a bit after having a little too much to drink with my husband later that night. So…Yoga today, followed by Biceps and Triceps in the afternoon when Alex comes home. Despite the fact that I see myself in the mirror and just think “How disgusting!” (my harsh criticism), I feel great about today so that’s a perfect start already. Plus, I’ve been eating healthily so far and drinking a lot of water. I really should rewrite my workout schedule as well as a food schedule for myself. I’ll see if that happens today. 


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