My life is incredible. My husband is amazing. My kids are the best. I may not have everything, but I am quite content with the way things are. I love being happy and feeling great about myself. I love being healthy and knowing better. I do, occasionally, listen to the wrong side of my conscience when it comes to things like “Let’s just leave this class tonight and study at the beach”, but that’s really it. I have a clear conscience, otherwise. I do my best. I try to be as kind and considerate as possible. I believe in Karma and that people will always be served their just desserts, no matter what form. Maybe, literally, it’ll be a dessert that makes someone who made you swerve off of the road very, very sick. I have trouble agreeing with speed limits in certain places, like where a 45 should most definitely be a 55 – at least. I don’t know everything, but I am wiser than I seem. I do listen to others, regardless of our differences, and comply accordingly as long as I feel it’s ethical or morally good. I don’t like to kill bugs; I like to release them. We recently caught, fed & set a black widow spider free. As freaked out as I was, I felt great about it. I don’t give money to people on the off-ramps, simply because I don’t carry cash. I do, however, give them sustenance if my family doesn’t necessarily need it, like the three cold Capri Suns I gave to a very grateful man on a very hot day last summer. I believe in animal rights and not hunting or fishing for sport. I fish, yes, but I eat what I catch and use the remains in compost. I think you should only hunt if you’re going to utilize all parts of the animal. I hate buffets. I think they’re disgusting and horrible ideas because too many people can’t control themselves when it comes to food and use the excuse of “getting their money’s worth” or “it’s there, so I might as well try it”. I have so many thoughts in my head that I am only recently letting come out. I take most opportunities I can to speak out against what I think is wrong, although I should be more outspoken. I call people out. I like adventure and being outdoors. I love the sun on my skin, the moon and the stars, the rain pouring down, the thunder and lightning, the sounds of rushing and flowing water, all the nature around me. I hate most places we pass through on the interstate because they’re abandoned wastes of space that trees were cut down for, and now no one cares about them. I believe in Assisted Suicide. I feel that that topic doesn’t get discussed anymore. To me, “assisted suicide” is to “consensual sex” as “murder” is to “rape”. According to my husband and many of his workmates of the present and past, I apparently intimidate people, although I’m very amicable. I love rollercoasters and the one time I got to go skydiving. I’d like to be an instructor some day, although the first time I jumped out it didn’t occur to me to be afraid because, then, I didn’t care whether I lived or died. I like to talk. I like to sing. I like to scribble. I like to take photos and read, though I need to do these more. I like to find the beauty in things; in nature, in technology, in death, in everything. I may not find people attractive initially, but oftentimes the more I like their personality and mind, the more I find them attractive. If I see they are ugly inside, they stay that way, and I tend to avoid them. I don’t know why I felt compelled to write all this. I think I just needed to vent and all this just came out instead. But this is me. This is a sample of who I am. This can be my biography, for all the pages that ask.


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