“We be getting down and you know we’re crush groovin’.”

Including today, which is almost halfway over, we have only 24 days* left before we’re done with this place!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m going to miss so many people.  It took me forever to come out of my shell & make friends, and here we are now getting ready to move.  Haha.  Sounds about right.  No worries.  I’ll do better next time with not waiting until the last minute.

I keep getting these writer’s blocks, so for now I must finish feeding Isa & getting to 82 before I move on to the dishes xD



*Not including weekends, not including house-hunting leave 🙂


Yeah, asshole?

Talking to old bulimic tendencies here.  The fuckwad  won’t leave me alone. This entire week I have had the urge to purge even though I haven’t binged in a long time.  I don’t get it.  The important thing is that I haven’t been giving in, so…..yay.

I am betting that it’s a result of me procrastinating about going back to the gym, but after a good workout like today’s and if I keep on doing something like it that should all go away once again. I hypothesize.

Here we go again…

I dropped Isa-pop at my parents’ last night because Alex & I just couldn’t muster up the the energy to watch her. We had to watch (Haha! Yes! We were tied down & forced to!) comedy shows all night to cheer up the mood because, for some reason, being Isabella-less last night made me feel completely depressed & I wasn’t having it, so instead of picking up our little munchkin at almost 10p we spent the night with HuluPlus.  It was a smart, efficient trade.

This morning I’m at the gym forcing myself to get off my ass & work out for a couple of hours.  Nothing strenuous, of course & I’m keeping myself energized with sustenance, but I really just want to do nothing but work out this morning.  So, here I am.

And I just realized that as I exit, I can run down the hall & easily switch off all the lights for the racquetball rooms >:-]

Sometimes I want to punch you in the face for talking.

Sooo, we talked about it a little bit last night, and we decided that we’re probably not going to have a party for when we move or a baby shower just because of timing.  Alex’s Command has two operations coming up that give them something like a weeks-long grace period in between & I don’t want to shove anything into that very limited time range.  Maybe we’ll just have a few friends over.  I don’t know.  The more I think about it, the more I just want to pack and move & just relax.


I don’t want to think right now.  My eyes are killing me.

This episode of “Sesame Street” is *really* making me crave Indian food!!

It’s driving me nuts! Well, Alex & I have a coupon for Rajput, so maybe we’ll use it this payday.  Nom nom nom!

I wonder what’s going to happen at Alex’s Command when he transfers to Pensacola…

I am incredibly tired, and it’s most likely the weather – this gloomy, wet, cold, unpleasant weather.  It always succeeds in killing my mood.  Today, though, Alex will hopefully agree with me about going to the gym. My membership ends the 19th & his trial ends the 16th, and I feel like a giant, undesirable blob.  I can’t wait to move to Pensacola where we’ll have our backyard & our workout equipment; where we’ll be about to go outside for a run or a walk just because it’s nice enough out.  If it rains, like I said, we have our equipment, and can do shit inside.  It’s all coming so quickly, but I can’t wait.  We’ll house-hunt at the end of this month if Alex gets the time to put in his leave chit for it, and that step alone is so exciting just to get an idea of where we’ll live for the next 3 (or about that) years.  Forty-seven more days.  FORTY-SEVEN!!!

For now, I need to begin planning our Moving Away Party/Baby Shower.  It feels like such a short time for planning & taking into account the money we need to save for our first rent deposit, I have such a great feeling that we might not be able to do what we’d like for it or even have it at all.