Today has been …

Today has been downright lousy so far. I am grouchy, Isabella isn’t listening well, I feel like bingeing, I’m tired but can’t sleep, and I have no motivation whatsoever to clean up the kitchen and continue packing things away. Alex has one day left at work and not even a full one at that. He needs to check out with a couple people and we are out of here! Well, out of this Command. Tuesday, we pick up the U-Haul & fill it, and Wednesday morning we are heading out and taking the I-95/I-10 route to Pensacola!! It’s scheduled to rain, but we’ll be needing to stop every 3-4 hours anyway on account of my pregnancy requirements and discomforts, et cetera, so we probably won’t arrive until about the 1st of March – and can’t move in until the 2nd, so we’ll possibly end up staying in a hotel one night. At least we’ll be able to shower.


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